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Learn Chinese through movies: what kind of subtitles should you use?

April 10, 2014 1 note Reblog Comments


Whatever your Chinese level, watching a Chinese movies in Chinese with subtitles is a great idea to learn some Chinese a little differently. It’s a cool way to take a break from your relentless studying while enjoyably practicing your Chinese listening and reading comprehension, strengthening your grasp of the language’s rhythm and syntax and learning more about Chinese culture!

Trouble is, watching a movie in Chinese while reading the subtitles in Chinese - and understanding what you’re seeing and reading - is sometimes easier said than done! So the real question is: what type of subtitle should you use to get the most out of your movie watching? Should the subtitles be in Chinese, in English, in pinyin? We’ve ranked each type of subtitle by level of difficulty, so you can choose which to first attempt! 

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Stop everything! 3 Chinese songs you NEED to listen to

April 1, 2014 0 notes Reblog Comments


C-POP is a lot less popular than its Korean and Japanese counterparts but it’s a shame, because China has produced some really great songs. Such as these three songs.

So whether you’re already C-POP buff or just a Chinese learner just looking to hone his/her Mandarin skills by listening to music in Chinese (great idea, btw!), you need to listen to these songs. They’ll turn you into C-POP fans instantly!

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Don’t be fooled by Chinese sales: how to understand the 折 sign

February 28, 2014 3 notes Reblog Comments


Don’t you love the sight of a great sale? How awesome is it to score a miaowtastic item 90% off? One of the members of our Google + Chinese language community pointed out something though: Chinese discount signs are confusing.

It’s true. They don’t have a % sign on them AND they don’t work the same way they do in the West. So how do you understand sale signs in China? Here’s what you need to know to never miss out on a great sale! 

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February 21, 2014 7 notes Reblog Comments

It’s not Caturday but close! It’s Friday Cat time!

Meet some of today’s cool cats: Elvis Prescat, Bruce Cat, Darth Vacat and Caishencat! For Batcat, Mari(o)cat and more sweet decked out cats, check out the “Iconic Cats” Collection by Shanghai-based illustrator A Ke!

The Cat King and his friends

Here’s what some of these icons are called in Chinese

  •  猫王 Māo wáng  : Elvis Presley

Notice Elvis’ name in Chinese? It means the Cat King! So this Chinese Elvis Prescat is spot-on!

  • 达斯·维达 Dá sī·wéi dáDarth Vader
  • 马里奥 Mǎlǐ ào Mario, as in “It’s-a-me Mario!”
  • 李小龙 Lixiǎolóng is Bruce Lee’s Chinese name, his birthname is Cantonese and is: 李振藩 Lee Jun-fan.
  • 财神 Cáishén aka 招财猫 Zhāo cái māo the lucky cat!

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Valentine’s Day? No, it’s the Lantern festival!

February 14, 2014 1 note Reblog Comments


Feeling anti-Valentine or don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? 

Well, not to worry! We have a perfect excuse for you today…. 元宵节 (Yuánxiāo jiéà the Lantern festival! It falls today and is a very important festival in China because it marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations! So why not celebrate that instead, if Valentine’s Day and adorable Valentine cards aren’t your thing? 

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